The best part of DMZ tour #2

First tourism places to be introduced are Dorasan Station and Dora Observatory. Dorasan Station is located at the 30 meters’ point of Southern Limit Line. There you can see the actual barbed wired fence of Southern Limit Line and enjoy the scenery of Dorasan (mountain). From this station, you can get a shuttle bus going to Dora Observatory. This observatory built at 1986 by Ministry of National Defense of South Korea and was used for military purpose for short period of time. Afterwards, it was opened for civilians at 1987. It has lots of telescopes that allow you to see clearly until the outskirt of GyeSeong city, Songak mountain, propaganda towns of North Korea.

The very next station of shuttle bus after Dora observatory is the 3rd tunnel. The 3rd tunnel was discovered in 1978 based on the confession of refugee from North Korea. This tunnel is 2meters in height, 2 meters in width and length of 1,635meters. This is a size that 30,000 soldiers can move per hour. You can use monorail to look through the tunnel or you can walk inside the tunnel. In front of the 3rd tunnel there are facilities, exhibitions and galleries related to division of Korean peninsula. One of the must see among these is DMZ video Exhibition. There they show the history of division, scenery of whole DMZ and introduction of ecosystem in DMZ.

If you want to take a closer look, not just to the outside but to lives of North Korean people, there is Yeolsoe Observatory. It was built in 1988, 11th of April and opened to civilians. There, outside of the Observatory, you can have a clear view toward the beautiful scenery of the other side of Korea, surrounded by mountains. However, inside of this observatory, they have daily products and military gadgets of North Korea for exhibition along with introduction of North Korean people’s daily life routines. There, you can feel the pain of divided country better than anywhere else.

However, since it is military region, there are several matters that require your attention before you plan a visit to DMZ. First of all, for you to enter DMZ, you have to get a permission of entry before your visit. You have to hand in information of your nationality, passport number and your name at least 3 days prior to your visit. (For more information call 02-399-2698) There is one exception for this registration rule. When you are visiting yeolsoe Observatory, Typhoon Observatory or GyeongSoon Royal Tomb, you only need your Identification card or passport to pass the check point on the day of visitation.

Second, wherever you go, whenever it is, once you are inside DMZ, you always have to carry your Identification card. Foreigners should always carry their passport with them in every circumstance. Third, you should take pictures only in designated areas. Even if you are there as a tourist, DMZ is still a very sensitive military area. Taking pictures in certain military zones will be prohibited.

Thank you for your interest in DMZ tour and reading this post.