Introduction of 12 course in DMZ tour

This post will cover specific courses of tour you can choose from in DMZ tour; <Pyeong Hwa Noori Gil>.

If you want to know the general information about DMZ itself, about tourism points inside DMZ or if you want to know the matters that require your attention when visiting DMZ, you can read my previous posts regarding DMZ. First post covers the introduction of DMZ; its definition, history, location etc. Second post you will find the details of the places you would like to visit when you go for DMZ tour along with cautions when you are there as a tourist.

Pyeong Hwa Noori Gil is a road that holds the yearning of reunification of Korean Peninsula, habitat for numerous plants and animals and 5000 years’ old artiquities. This road is divided into 12 courses. Each courses take around 4 to 5 minutes by foot. On this post, I will introduce these 12 courses so you can decide which will fit you the best.

First course is the very beginning of the Pyeong Hwa Noori Gil. It starts from Dae Myeong port and ends at Moon Soo fortress. It is 14 kilometers in length and takes around 4 hours by walk. It is the perfect course for you to have a walk with your family, enjoying the scenery of sea and island.

2nd course is length of 8.0 kilometers, which will take about 3 hours and 20 minutes of walk. This course brings you as close as you can be to North Korean territory. When you walk up toward Moon Soo fortress, along the second course, you will be able to observe the North Korean region clearly.

3rd course shows the great view of Gim Po plain. This path allows you to walk through the history of industrial development, feeling the situation of divided nation. This course also has one of the biggest migratory birds’ nesting area. Length of 15 kilometers that takes around 4 hours for you to walk.

4th course starts at HaengJu Fortress and ends at Lake Park. This path is 11 kilometers and takes 2 hours and 40 minutes on foot. Throughout this course, you can catch the whole scenery of Seoul in your eyes. Its final destination, Lake Park has many attractions and relaxation areas.

5th course is 13 kilometers in length and takes about 3 and half hours. Starts at Lake Park and ends at . Here, you can see Go Yang city where technology industry and agricultural town coexists. Walking along this course will let you feel the path of development and history Go Yang city underwent.

6th course is from Chul Pan City to Seong Dong Junction. It is 10 km and takes 2 hours and 50 minutes. Here, you can feel the exotic sense inside Korea. As you pass the Chul Pan city, artificially made wet land it leads to Korean agriculture town. You can enjoy the whole view of Han River in this course.

7th course is much longer than all the courses introduced before. It is length of 21 kilometers and takes 6 hours and 30 minutes to walk. However, they offers you diversity of tourism points. They have Gyeong Gi English town, Province Cafeteria town, Heiri town and many more on its course. Since it is a long course, you will have to schedule your walk well if you choose 7th course.

8th course is 13 kilometers in length that takes 3 hours and 40 minutes. It starts from Ban Gu Jeong to Yul Gok Swamp Park. This course concentrates on the beautiful scenery of nature. If you go for JangSan observatory, you can see the Cho Pyeong Island in the end of the Im Jin River.

9th course starts from Yul Gok Swamp Park to Hwang Po Dot Bae. This takes 16.5 kilometers, 5 hours and 30 minutes’ walk. As you pass through Yul Gok Swamp Park, which is a theme park that introduce the significance of swamp in ecosystem and animals living inside it, you will reach the Juk Byeok passage. Juk Byeok Passage gives you the whole breath taking view of Im Jin River.

10th course starts from Hwang Po Dot Bae to SungI Jeon Ji. This is also one of the longest courses among Pyeong Hwa Noori Course. It is 21.5 kilometers long that takes 5 hours and 55 minutes’ walk. It is a place where the goods from South and North part of Korea were traded before the division. Since it is a long course, you need a preparation before starting your walk. Bringing drinks and snacks are recommended.

11th course is 19 kilometers long, taking 5 hours and half to finish. It starts from SungI Jeon Ji until Gun Nam Hung Su. SungI Jeon is a place where history of Goreo Dynasty (Dynasty before Joseon) lives inside. During the path, there is marvelous columnar joint cliff scenery. This looks even better in autumn with foliage of fall. If you are planning trip in fall, 11th course is recommended.

Last course to be introduced is the longest of all. 24 kilometers in length that takes over 7 hours. It ends at Shin Tan Li Station. There, you can see the iconic spot where the train stopped, with sign saying ‘Train still wants to run’. Other than the station itself, you can enjoy the walk through the famous Job’s tears (Adlay) field surrounded by perfectly preserved nature’s environment of DMZ.