Even cycling, you can go sightseeing

Special way of tourism in DMZ will be introduced in 4th post! In the first, you learned about the DMZ itself, in the second post you found out all the tourism spots inside DMZ along with matters that require your attention. Last post covered 12 different courses you can choose from with special attractions of their own. Compared to the last post that covered specifics about trip on foot, this post will deal with the details of trip by bicycle!

DMZ accepts up to 300 bicycle riders, in the 4th Sunday of every month from March to November. You can register yourself as a member of bicycle club community or you can register as an individual bicycle rider. 10,000 Won per person is required as an entrance fee. If you want to rent bicycle and protections including helmet for your ride you will have to pay extra 3,000 won. Once you enter, you can enjoy the beauty of DMZ while riding a bike.

The course of bicycle starts from East Gate of ImJin Gak. And it passes through South gate Reunification bridge, Gunnae junction, North gate of Reunification bridge, Cho Pyeong Island before rest. After a short rest, you pass the Reunification bridge again and arrive at the place where you left. During this recess, water and snacks will be provided. Once you finish your ride, 5,000 won worth of gift ticket will also be given. This ticket can be used when buying Korean traditional products such as souvenirs. By paying your entrance fee of 10,000 won, your water, snack and gift card is for free.

However, if you are a beginner in riding bike, you are not allowed to enter certain parts of the course. The total length of the bike course is 17 kilometers. (Normally takes about 5 hours by foot.) And among this course around 10 kilometers is unpaved road. Before planning your trip to DMZ using bike, you have to give these notions your attention.

There are some other matters that requires your attention if you want to go for bike ride to DMZ. First, usage of protection including helmets and gloves is mandatory at all time of your ride. There are areas with wire entanglement considering that DMZ is a military area. It is prohibited for you to trespass these wire entanglements. While you are riding, concentrate on the road every moment so you can be aware of where you are riding your bicycle. You need your ID card in case you hold nationality as Korean. If you are foreigner who want to schedule a ride, you have to bring your passport with you. There will be a check point to identify yourself before you enter DMZ.

This special experience that you can ride bike in one and only place in the world, DMZ, is held by Gyeong Gi Do, one of provinces inside South Korea. For you to sign up for this opportunity, you have to sign yourself up in http://peace.ggtour.or.kr , this website. For more information regarding bike ride, you can always call +82) 031-956-8306.

Thank you for your interest in DMZ tour!